Ask Kelcina

What airlines fly to Antigua?

A list of air carriers that service Antigua is available here:

How do we get to Barbuda? What are the options? Connections?
  • ABM Airlines flies directly to Barbuda from Antigua, 2x daily, please see their website for fares and schedules:
  • Visitors can also travel by ferry which departs from Antigua daily at 9AM, please visit  website for more information and booking:
How far are you from the village/town, airport and ferry?

The cottages are approximately 5 miles away, or a 15 minute drive from the airport and town, and a 10 minute drive from the ferry dock

Where do we eat? Are there restaurants? Liquor Store?
  • Guests have the option of purchasing groceries and preparing their own meals (pre-arrival shopping service available) and dining at Barbuda’s restaurants.
  • Uncle Roddy’s (under management of Barbuda Cottages) is located beside the property and is open for lunch and dinner.
  • Reservations must be made for parties of 5+
  • A list of other restaurants and bars can be found at
  • Liquor and beer can be purchased in town at Ken’s.
Are there any options for vegetarians, vegans, and do you offer a kids menu?

Yes, all options are available at Uncle Roddy’s for lunch and/or dinner.

*Specific shopping items can be requested and ordered prior to visit with advanced notice.

Any snorkeling? Gear? Best place to snorkel?

Basic snorkeling equipment is available at the cottages and available to use by all guests.  There is great snorkeling at the cottages, as we are located in front of a marine reef. All of our beaches are excellent for snorkeling.  Snorkeling trips can be  arranged with a local fisherman.

Do we need an auto rental? How much? How do we book?
  • You do not need a vehicle if you plan to stay at and near the cottages.
  • 4×4 sport utility vehicle rentals are available and recommended for more leisure and accessibility to the island.
  • Rental rates are USD$60 per day, and can be arranged prior to arrival.
Do you have cable, TV, or Wi-Fi?

We do not have cable or TVs in the cottages, however WiFi is available.

Do you supply beach towels, linens?

Yes, free of charge.

Do you have A.C.?

 AC is available in the master suite of the main cottage. However, no AC in the single cottages; we do have ceiling fans and extra fans in every room for your comfort.

Is there a local market? How far is it?

  Grocery Stores and independent farmers can be found in the town, an approximate 15 minute drive away.

Any Horse back riding?

Horseback riding can be arranged for $50 USD per person.

Any fishing? Fishing Trips? Are refreshments included?

 *Rods are available at the cottages for our guest to use.

  *Fishing trips ( up to 5 people)  can be arranged with us for  $350 USD   for half day trip.

Spa Services: Massage? Hair? Manicure? Pedicure?

Beauty and spa appointments can be arranged, please book 48 hours prior.

How safe is it?

*Barbuda is an extremely safe and unspoiled island.

A police department is located in The Village, and they patrol the area daily.

*Security, maintenance and staff are visible during your stay.

Do you have a safe to store valuables?

Yes. More information is available upon arrival.

What activities are there if we are staying a week or weekend?

Barbuda is the perfect place to get away and unplug from the normal day to day. Our beaches are perfect for relaxing, strolling, combing for seashells, catching up on your favorite books, bird watching, snorkeling, and swimming in the Barbuda blue water. We provide our guest with snorkeling gear, bicycles, fishing rods, and an opportunity to try the new craze stand up paddle boarding (* all guest must sign a waiver for SUP).  We also can arrange a trip to the exciting Frigate Bird Sanctuary. If you like to explore and hike we recommend visiting two foot bay and the caves, Coco Point, Pink Sand Beaches, Princess Diana Beach and Montello Tower. Join us for our island night to hear locals playing the steel drum, maybe you are interested in trying the steel pan as well, ask Kelcina for more information. We are happy to put together a weekend or week itinerary for your visit. Also, we are working on new adventures, make sure your visit our website to stay up to date:

Any phones at the cottages?

A local cell phone is provided with a $10 EC or $5 USD credit available. Phones must be returned in the condition it was received in by the end of your visit.

Do you have a washer and dryer?

  Washers are available, however we use the fresh Caribbean breeze and clothes line as our all natural dryer.

Who will pick us up from the airport or ferry?

A taxi will be arranged to pick you up from the airport or ferry.

How much is the taxi transfer?

Transfers are USD $25 from Airport and USD $20 from the Ferry Dock.

Any taxis available on the island?

Taxis are available throughout the island at various rates. Generally minimum USD $20

Can we smoke?

Smoking is allowed and only permitted outdoors.

Do you have a hair dyer?

No, we ask our guests not to bring hair dryers, curling irons, or flat irons as they consume too much energy for our solar power system.

Do you have a microwave, fridge, coffee machine, toaster, barbecue grill?

All cottages contain kitchen utensils and the above appliances, which we ask to be unplugged after use. (coffee machine and toaster)

A barbecue grill is available onsite (free of charge), and must be booked in advance to avoid conflict of use.

How bad are the bugs?

We do have a few bugs but they do not like everyone. We provide you with an all natural bug spray, tips, and techniques to manage the bugs so you will have an enjoyable stay. However, feel free to bring your own repellent.

What is the weather like and the temperature?

*The average temperature is 28°C / 82°F and the coldest is January at 25°C /  76°F.

*Please check the bottom of our website to see the weather daily:

Are pets allowed?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed.

Do you have lifeguards?

There are no lifeguards on duty on any of the beaches.

Do you have a personal chef?

A personal chef can be arranged during your stay with advanced notice prior to your trip.

Are sunscreen and bug spray available?

We provide our guest with an all natural bug spray that has some sunscreen in it to use during your stay. However, no harm bringing your own sunscreen and repellent.

When is lobster and conch season? Can we get fresh fish?

*No lobsters are to be caught or stored for the months of May and June.

*Closing season for Conch is from July 1st – August 31st.

*Yes, with advance notice we can get you fresh fish weather permitting.

Do you have maid services?

For guest staying a week or more we provide basic cleaning and replenish linens and towels if needed. A full cleaning service is available for an extra USD $10 an hour, minimum 4 hours.

What time is check-in and check-out? Can we come or go earlier or later?

Check in time is 3pm at the earliest, and check out time is 12 noon at the latest. However, we do our best to accommodate our guest arrival and departure times.

Do you have a crib or playpen? Cost?

Yes, we have a crib and pull-out sofas; linens are available to use.

What voltage do you have?


Can we charge our computers and phones?

Phones and computers can be charged in all cottages.

Is the beach crowded?

The beaches are extremely private in Barbuda. It’s not unusual for our guests to be the only ones there.

How far is Princess Diana Beach?

Depending on your pace Princess Diana Beach is approximately a 30 minute walk, 15  minute bike ride, or a 5 minute drive.

How far is the Pink Sand Beach?

Depending on your pace the Pink Sand beach is 30 minute walk or less,  20 minute bike ride,  or a 5 minute drive.

How do we get to the Frigate Bird Sanctuary?

We are happy to arrange this MUST see excursion.

We provide our guests with a one of a kind experience!

When is your low season?

Low season is from May 15 – September.

Do you offer discount for low season?

Yes, we offer 20% off.

How many people can sleep in the 3 bedroom and 1 bedroom cottages?

One bedrooms are perfect for couples, the three bedroom cottage sleeps 6 comfortably.

What are the differences between cottages?

We have one 3 bedroom cottage, and three 1 bedroom cottages.

The difference in the one bedrooms is only in decor.

*Please see this page for photos: Cottage Information

Is there a medical facility or doctors on the island?

Yes, there is a hospital and doctors on call on the island.

Any nightlife or casinos?

Clubs can be found in the town. No, there are no casinos.

How can we pay the deposit to make reservations?

A deposit of 50% of the total booking is required to confirm your reservation.

Payments can be made by PayPal, cheque or wire transfer.

Do you do weddings?

Weddings and special events can be arranged in coordination with Kelcina.